Jaguar is recalling just 13 XFs for a fuel pump problem.

Jaguar has announced the recall of certain 2013 XF models due to a fuel pump issue. The recall covers gas-powered XF models produced between October 3, 2012, and October 12, 2012.

According to Jaguar, those XFs in question may have an electric fault that causes the vehicle's fuel pump to suddenly shut down. If the fuel pump turns off, fuel starvation will cause the engine to stall.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warns that a sudden engine stall could lead to a loss of power-assisted braking and a loss of power-assisted steering, which could increase the likelihood of a crash.

Jaguar will remedy the problem by installing an additional wiring harness to the in-tank fuel pump. The recall campaign is scheduled to begin next month.

Thankfully for Jaguar - as well as XF owners - just 13 vehicles are involved in the safety campaign.