Jaguar SVO Project 9 may not be performance-focused

"We're making up the rules as we go along," says SVO head John Edwards.

Jaguar has promised to continue its recent Special Vehicle Operations tradition with a follow-up to the Project 8.

The Project 7 and Project 8 have both been performance-focused variants of the F-Type and XE, respectively. The latter boasts nearly 300 pounds of downforce and nearly 600 horsepower, launching to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds and topping out at 200 mph.

The Project 9 may depart from its predecessors, however, in terms of its overall focus.

"It doesn't necessarily have to be high performance," SVO head John Edwards told Top Gear. "We're making up the rules as we go along."

It is unclear if the Project 9 might be held off until the company readies its next XJ flagship. Design boss Ian Callum last year said the new XJ will be "something quite special," though it is not expected to be revealed until next year.