A big sedan will serve as Jaguar's new Nürburgring taxi.

While the BMW M5 might get the most attention as the official Nürburgring taxi, Jaguar announced today that it has prepared a special version of its range-topping XJ Supersport to haul lucky passengers around the track Jackie Stewart christened the "Green Hell."

The XJ Supersport includes the automaker's Sport and Speed Pack Options, which means it features a top speed electronically limited to 174 mph, rather than the standard 155 mph. In addition, it was fitted with a full bespoke roll cage and four-point harnesses in all four customized racing seats.

A big luxury sedan like the XJ might seem like an odd 'ring taxi, but that's just what Jaguar is hoping passengers will think at first. Jaguar uses its test center at the historic track to both develop new models and to show off existing vehicles to both the media and owners.

"Of these models [those the automaker offers], we found it's the XJ Supersport that most often surprises journalists with its speed simply because they perceive it to be a large luxury car," Jaguar communications chief Frank Klaas said in a prepared statement. "The XJ is both those things, of course, but its aluminium architecture means it's rigid and lightweight too, which make it a very good car on track. To underline that fact, our engineering team created this special Nürburgring taxi version in which our trained drivers can safely take passengers on very hot laps."

Jaguar finished the XJ Supersport in a unique matte grey paint, which helps its Sport Pack front splitter and rear trunk lid spoiler stand out a little more than normal. The Sport Pack also includes a few other cosmetic goodies, but the car is otherwise equivalent to a stock XJ.