Bridgestone invited collectors and original XJ220 engineers to help develop the new tires.

Jaguar XJ220 owners will soon be able to spend more time behind the wheel, as Bridgestone has developed new tires.The rare supercar arrived on the market in 1992 with special tires to handle its 3,200-pound curb weight and 212-mph top speed, with 255/45-17 rubber wrapping the front wheels and 345/35-18 out back.

The XJ220 was an ill-timed project, arriving as the collectible car market collapsed during the early '90s recession. Consequently, only a few hundred examples were produced and there has been little incentive for tire makers to accommodate those still in existence.

Bridgestone decided to accept the challenge for the XJ220's 25th birthday this year, though it was apparently no small task. The company invited XJ220 specialists from Don Law Racing, along with original Jaguar project engineers, to help choose from 17 tire variations over hundreds of test laps.

"It's not just about knowing tires, this is about knowing everything about the car and how it is supposed to handle," says Justin Law, who has covered more than 100,000 miles in the XJ220. "With Bridgestone we brought the engineers and test drivers from 25 years ago back together, so we were pretty much guaranteed to do the job right."

The modern tires will presumably bring a bit of an improvement in cornering and perhaps acceleration. Specific details, including pricing, have not yet been revealed.