Have your eyes on the highest-performance Jaguar convertible in history? You'd better be eying the used car market.

Introduced just yesterday at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the 2012 Jaguar XKR-S Convertible is officially sold out, the British automaker says.

Just 25 examples of the more than $138,000 convertible were earmarked for the United States. Despite the hefty price tag, all of the 550 horsepower ragtops have been spoken for. Jaguar has not said if Canadian-market examples received the same warm welcome north of the border.

The automaker has also not commented publicly about the 25 buyers, all of whom paid an approximately $6,000 premium for the soft-top version of the existing XKR-S Coupe.

The XKR-S is expected to be the last hurrah for Jaguar's droptop, which is set for a redesign in the next couple of years.