The charge comes from the Consumer Affairs Agency.

After nine months of deliberation the Japanese government has issued Mitsubishi Motors a fine for its mileage scandal.

The magic number will be 480 million yen, or approximately US$4.2 million. The punishment comes from the Consumer Affairs Agency, a government group in charge of consumer protection and monitors for good business practices.

The transgression, in which Mitsubishi was discovered to have over-inflated tires on certain models in order to perform better on mileage tests, was categorized as false advertising since the fudged numbers appeared in brochures and on the company's website, reports Reuters.

The article quotes an excerpt from the Consumer Affairs Agency: "Mitsubishi Motors claimed that ... its products offered a performance which was markedly better than in reality to attract customers, inhibiting their ability to make purchasing decisions based on fact."

Reuters also reports that Mitsubishi has acknowledged receipt of the order, and will "respond appropriately after examination."

The scandal resulted in a plummeting of Mitsubishi Motors' stock prices, prompting Nissan to take a controlling stake in the company worth $2.2 billion.