It appears as though the mystery of the Jeep truck, captured earlier by spy photographers, has been solved. As it turns out, the Jeep pictured is not a mule for the JT concept truck but rather a military vehicle.

"The Jeep you see here is one of the units built to sell (hopefully) to the Egyptian military. As you can see, the rear doors are welded shut and, on the inside load floor, there's a pickup-style steel bed. It's powered by a diesel, has rear leaf springs and a rear Dana 60. I understand that, while there are a number of these built, the deal hasn't been made yet with Egypt (or Israel). There are no plans to offer this in North America." Phil Howell, Editor-in-Chief of Off-Road Magazine has said.

This would also explain the right-hand drive layout.

Original Story:

Spy photographers have spotted what appears to be a Jeep pickup truck, right along the lines of the Jeep JT truck concept. Based on the four-door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, the back doors have been welded shut and the black composite roof structure has been extended forward to the B-pillar. The rear glass is also a solid window rather than a roll-down.

The interior of the vehicle reveals what appears to be a truck bed. The bed extends to the fronts seat and doesn't allow for any rear seats. More details that suggested a pickup truck are new leaf-springs that have been added, to accommodate heavier payloads in the rear. The Jeep JT was designed to use much of the Wrangler Unlimited's platform to allow any easy transition from concept to production, and it looks as though this transformation is already underway. Also note the right-hand drive.

August 16, 2007