Jeep kicks off its Safari teasers with two Wrangler concepts.

Jeep released two teaser images Tuesday ahead of the annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari--an event that always brings with it a handful of exciting one-off Jeep concepts.

Tuesday's teasers are both for Wrangler-based concepts, one a two-door and the other an Unlimited model. The former is called the "Quicksand;" the latter, the "Switchback."

The "Quicksand" sketch appears to show a two-door Wrangler with old-style half-doors and a custom roll cage. Up front, it boasts sawed-off fenders, giving us a peek at some meaty all-terrain tires.

The "Switchback" concept is featured in a stylized rendering, but doesn't give us much more detail thanks to its zoomed-out source. This is definitely more of a "safari" jeep in the traditional sense, showing off a winch, a robust roof rack and partial trail doors.

The 2017 Easter Jeep Safari kicks off in Moab on April 8th. We expect plenty of teasers between now and then, followed by some official photos of the concepts in the metal. Stay tuned.