An old Jeep Wagoneer will be removed from a collapsed garage after a 40-year slumber.

Just as Jeep is about to dust off its Wagoneer nameplate, an original Wagoneer is about to be dusted off and removed from a sandy garage where it has been entombed for the last 40 years.

For unknown reasons the Jeep Wagoneer was parked in the beachside garage in Ballston Beach, Massachusetts, sometime around 1977. Over the years shifting dunes encased the structure — which was built sometime before 1895 as a horse barn — eventually causing the roof to collapse, trapping the Jeep inside.

As the story goes, the town of Ballston Beach blocked the family from removing the Jeep over the years due to fears that the removal of sand would alter the landscape. However, the vehicle is now viewed as an environmental concern and has been scheduled for excavation this Friday.

The Jeep Wagoneer is believed to be extremely low mileage example as it was used exclusively to drive on the beach and has obviously been out of service for most of its life. However, after 40 years of exposure to the sea, the Wagoneer's owners aren't expecting too find a pristine Jeep within the rubble.

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"It's probably going to fall apart like something out of Indiana Jones," Basil Musnuff, the son of the Jeep's owner, told the Cape Cod Times.

Little is known about the Jeep, but it's likely an early 1970s model that was originally white. Wagoneer values have been on the rise in recent years, but we suspect this example will be too far gone for any kind of restoration effort.