Jerry Seinfeld has put one of his most valuable Porsches up for sale - a 2004 Carrera GT. Make your offer now!

Comedian and noted Porsche collector Jerry Seinfeld routinely goes through his massive fleet of Porsches to keep things fresh, but rarely does he sell off a model as impressive as his Carrera GT.

His black 2004 Porsche Carrera GT, showing just 3,176 miles, is currently on offer at Canepa Design in Scotts Valley, California. Although Canepa isn't quoting a price publicly, the car no doubt commands a premium because of its celebrity ownership.

Seinfeld took delivery of the car in March of 2005 in New York, where he keeps the bulk of his collection. Most estimates suggest that Seinfeld has around 40 Porsches stored in Manhattan, with another dozen or so kept in other places. His collection is undoubtedly one of the largest privately-owned Porsche fleets - something the German automaker has taken note of when it highlights vehicles from its heritage.


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