The judge overseeing the case has warned against "potential abuse" by Waymo, knowing that the former Google engineer will likely take the Fifth.

Former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski could be cross-examined in Waymo's ongoing lawsuit against Uber.

Levandowski is the central figure in the dispute, accused of stealing thousands of proprietary design files from Google and recreating the same technology after being hired by Uber.

The engineer so far has asserted his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination, hindering the discovery process ahead of a trial and leading to his dismissal from Uber for failing to cooperate in the company's internal investigation.

District Judge William Alsup will allow Levandowski to be called to the stand, but he has warned against "potential abuse, mainly by Waymo" if attorneys focus on "argumentative" questions knowing that he will take the Fifth, according to quotes posted by TechCrunch.

To help maintain decorum in the trial proceedings, Alsup has demanded that any questions be submitted for review ahead of the trial.

Lawyers for both sides are reportedly still bickering over discovery issues and depositions in the weeks ahead of the early-October trial date.