Kanye West and Jay-Z have offered the $350,000 Maybach that the duo 'redesigned' for the hit single Otis up for auction.

The $350,000 Maybach that Kanye West and Jay-Z "?redesigned' for the Otis video will be auctioned for charity at a Phillips de Pury auction in New York on March 8.

The vehicle is still expected to pull in around $100,000 for the Save the Children foundation, according to the UK's Daily Mail. Although it will likely sell for less than a third of its original value, the money raised will still make a positive impact on the East African families who will benefit from its proceeds.

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"?The funds raised from auctioning off the Otis car are greatly needed to help sustain families over the next several months,' said Save the Children CEO Carolyn Miles. "?We are grateful to Jay-Z and Kanye West for offering up pop culture history to do good for children in Africa.'

Daimler officially decided to bring an end to the production of the Maybach super luxury brand late last year and plans to replace the void with additional variants of the 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Maybach only managed to sell 157 cars in 2011 after first targeting sales of 1,500 a year when the brand was rekindled after a 62-year hiatus in 2002.

Many manufacturers often see out the final production runs of models with special editions. However, it seems unlikely that Kanye West or Jay-Z will get a call from Daimler asking them to collaborate on any designs.