If you fear the switch to all-electric vehicles -- including plug-in hybrids that can be driven in an all-electric mode -- will take away the great engine sounds associated with driving, Fisker might just have the solution to ease your concerns.

Fisker head Henrik Fisker revealed to Forbes Auto that the company's upcoming Karma plug-in hybrid will feature speakers -- both inside and out -- that will simulate a sound "like something between a Formula One car and a jet plane."

The system is not only designed to give the driver a pleasurable aural experience, but will also help with pedestrian safety. One of the biggest dings against electric cars is that their silent operation doesn't give much warning to pedestrians -- something the Karma's system will addresses.

No word if the "exhaust note" will be able to be tuned to your favorite engine sound, whether that'd be an eight-cylinder, ten-cylinder, twelve-cylinder or other.