Block admitted one final jump was 'too much,' smashing the front skidplate.

Ford's new F-150 Raptor has continued to log flight time, pushed to its apparent limits by Ken Block.

The rally champion and Gymkhana star was invited to help show off the performance pickup for a Motor Trend video shoot in the Mojave Desert's Dumont Dunes.

While exploring the Raptor's flight characteristics, Block apparently found out how much the Raptor's long-travel suspension can handle when jumping massive sand dunes. He admitted the last go was "too much," bottoming out the dampers and smashing the front skid plate.

Some owners of the first-generation Raptor complained of bent frames after they took the trucks off-roading and airborne -- as Ford demonstrates in promotional materials. Ford reportedly denied such warranty claims for 'abused' vehicles, but engineers likely considered the reports when creating the second-generation model.

The Block video demonstrates how even a professional driver with multiple trial runs on an orchestrated video shoot can accidentally overshoot. There is no indication that the incident resulted in more than a few sore backs and a sand-forged skid plate, however.