Third teaser video highlights the concept's design.

Kia released the third in its series of teaser videos for its new GT Concept this week, showing off the lines of company's new rear-wheel-drive sport sedan.

The video, aptly titled "The Silhouette," was shot in darkness, teasing only the outline of the car from various angles.

The GT Concept has already been leaked without camouflage, albeit in a single, low-resolution photo.

Between that real-life photo and what we see here, it's easy to get an idea of what to expect from the new sedan.

The walk-around reveals Mustang-like hood sculpting along with a subtle integrated rear spoiler, plus just enough of a wheel to confirm that the previously leaked photo is the real deal.

You can check out the third video below. The first two are available at Kia's GT Concept microsite, and a fourth will be released ahead of its world debut before the Detroit Auto Show in January.