Kia sees the shooting brake as a potential alternative to crossovers.

Although hidden in a corner and poorly lit, the Kia Proceed concept was one of the sexiest cars on display at this year's Frankfurt Auto Show. The stylish shooting brake might spawn a production model if enough customers demand it."For the time being it's a design exercise. It's one of three body styles we're evaluating right now for production, so it's possible this will move beyond the concept stage. We need to feel the pulse of the public as to whether this is something they want," said Artur Martins, Kia's European marketing chief, during a recent interview with CarBuzz.

Martins added shooting brakes could be the ideal alternative to crossovers and SUVs, which are quickly approaching peak banality. It would also allow Kia to stand out, because it would be the first non-premium brand to offer a shooting brake in years. What remains to be see is whether the model would be sold in the United States.

Kia is able to have the shooting brake debate because it will be putting another body style out of its misery in the coming years.

"We will be eliminating the three-door body type for the Cee'd because it only accounts for three to four percent of the European market," Martins revealed. He didn't specify when Kia will decide whether to turn the Proceed concept (pictured) into a production model.

Photos by Ronan Glon.