The car will be built by West Coast Customs.

Kia has released an illustration of an upcoming show car for SEMA. It's taking the much anticipated rear-wheel-drive Stinger sedan and and tricking it out.

With the 365-horsepower Stinger, Kia is re-entering a segment that has been completely abandoned by most other automakers — the affordable, powerful rear-drive sedan. Enthusiasts are already chomping at the bit, so what better way to amp up the hype than to show one with performance accoutrements at the biggest aftermarket show on earth?

Modified by southern California shop West Coast Customs (of Pimp My Ride fame), the Kia Stinger will be lower and festooned with a widebody kit. As is the custom on these types of builds, much of the brightwork, including the grille, will be blacked out. And, of course, it will have 21-inch rims and plenty of carbon fiber aero bits like a rear diffuser.

The interior will also receive modification, but Kia did not say whether any drivetrain upgrades would be part of the show car. The SEMA Show opens October 31.