South Koreans don't like loud exhausts, but Americans do.

Kia is still making tweaks to its Stinger sports sedan as it prepares to launch the car on the North American market.Orth Hedrick, the vice president of product planning at Kia's American division, told CNET's Roadshow the car's exhaust wasn't loud enough for the North American market.

"It sounded like a hissing note, like a restriction, something from the seventies," he revealed to Roadshow. "As a general rule, Korean consumers don't appreciate loud exhausts -- because they consider it to be a bad muffler, that someone's not taking care of their car. It's not refined," he explained.

American-spec cars will be louder than European- and Asian-spec models, but that might not be enough for some buyers. To that end, Kia is also looking at working with aftermarket companies like Borla to offer an even throatier exhaust. It would be an extra-cost option, but one sold and installed through the company's national dealer network.

"We're looking at that. It's a lot more doable if it's after the catalytic converter," said Hedrick. He hinted we might see some aftermarket options for the Stinger this fall at the annual SEMA show.

The first examples of the 2018 Kia Stinger (pictured) will hit showrooms around Thanksgiving, Roadshow adds. Pricing will be announced closer to the car's on-sale date.