Officials have upheld South Korea's sales ban on the crossover.

A South Korean court has reportedly ruled that Nissan used an emissions 'defeat' device in the locally sold Qashqai crossover.The government early last year accused Nissan of manipulating diesel emissions regulations. The company faced a sales ban, a mandatory recall and a seemingly minor fine worth around $280,000 USD at the time.

Nissan denied the charges and attempted to appeal the decision via the Seoul Administrative Court. Judges recently ruled in the government's favor, however, upholding the sales ban, according to The Korean Herald.

In a follow-up statement, the Japanese automaker said "we regret the ruling" and that "our stance that we have complied with all existing regulations remains unchanged."

The automaker is said to be considering other options until the courts hand down a final ruling. The company still has time to fight the case before the sales ban goes into effect.

Image by Ronan Glon.