New details on the Lamborghini Aventador J have surfaced that are almost impossible to believe.

Given the fact that most modern vehicles are created over the course of several years due to the complexity of the task, it only becomes that much more impressive when the total time from start to finish needed to create the Aventador J is revealed.

Losing a roof is one thing, but what if we told you that the 700-horsepower Lamborghini Aventador J shown at the Geneva Motor Show was created entirely from concept to completion in just six weeks? Believe it, as Top Gear recently confirmed when interviewing the model's creator, Filippo Perini.

So as Perini tells it, Lamborghini CEO Stephen Winkelmann approached the team for the very first time on January 14th, requesting that "something special" be created in time for the Geneva Motor Show. In that time the car went from not existing in any form to a drawing, then to an idea and to reality within six weeks. If you think all Lamborghini did was chop off the roof and call it a day - think again.

Only the good, front fenders, headlamps and rear fenders are the same as the standard Aventador - every other panels was created from scratch. Aerodynamics had to be entirely recreated on a scale never before attempted in a road-going exotic with quite so much power. To address that, a special diffuser covered in winglets was attached out front, while the rear diffuser was made larger. The rearview mirror typically hanging from the windshield? Yeah, that now comes up out of the dash area as if it were the periscope from a submarine.

Not only does the Aventador J lack a roof, its windshield has been sliced out. To enjoy the Aventador J, one must utilize a special closed helmet in order to breath properly while traveling at speeds of over 185 mph.

"The new Lamborghini Aventador J is the most radical open supersports car of Lamborghini's history, " said CEO Stephen Winkelmann. "Nowadays we are confronted with several regulations that we face in the spirit of challenge. The Aventador J is proof that, despite the rules, Lamborghini will always make people dream."

Why the Aventador "J"?

The letter "J" finds its roots both in the 1970 Lamborghini Jota, a car that was a legendary one-off creation. In addition, the FIA world motorsport organization which uses "J" to define technical specifications of race cars in differing classes.

The front of the car's design has been slightly modified, which gives the speedster a more aggressive look than the coupe. The rear end was also revamped, and engineers added a fixed spoiler which could be made out of carbon fiber. In fact, the car itself benefits significantly from a new carbon fiber material developed for the J dubbed "Carbonskin" that is woven and soaked with a special epoxy to both stabilize and soften the structure to make it easily molded.

To keep the weight as low as possible, Lamborghini removed the GPS unit, the stereo and the air conditioning. Forged composite seats feature inserts made from a flexible carbon fiber exclusive to Lamborghini. Topping the dashboard is an outlandish rearview mirror.

Underneath the striking body lies the same 6.5-liter V12 engine found in the Aventador coupe. It will send 509 lb-ft of torque, along with its 700 horsepower, to all four wheels via a seven-speed transmission.

the one-off creation was sold to a very special and unnamed buyer before it ever debuted in Geneva to the tune of ?'1.75 million, before taxes. In case you are wondering, that is $2.75 million before taxes.