If launched, the fourth car won't arrive until about 2023.

Lamborghini is preparing to introduce the Urus, its first SUV in nearly a quarter of a century. Adding a third model line will double the size of the company, but the Raging Bull might not stop there.

"When this first wave that concludes around 2022-2023, more or less, we will be stable, then it's our vision that we are already thinking of what will be the next step for the world of Lamborghini," said company boss Stefano Domenicali in an interview with Australian website Car Advice.

Lamborghini expects the Urus will bump its annual sales from about 3,500 units in 2016 to roughly 7,000 next year. Adding a fourth model to its portfolio could allow the company to reach the 10,000-car mark, according to Domenicali.

The identity of the fourth model remains a mystery, and executives still have plenty of time to make a decision. The CEO hinted one option is to look towards the past and launch a GT model with a 2+2 seating configuration. However, he's concerned a four-seater coupe would steal sales from the Urus.

He also revealed that the idea of smaller, entry-level model positioned a notch below the Huracan hasn't been completely ruled out. Rival Ferrari is believed to be moving forward with a six-cylinder-powered model that will revive the emblematic Dino nameplate. Lamborghini could also break into the segment, but only if it can expand towards the bottom without diluting its image.