U.S. price tag of Aventador Roadster is significantly higher than what Europeans pay.

Lamborghini's recently unveiled Aventador LP700-4 Roadster has now been priced for the U.S. market. Before the required $3,700 gas guzzler tax, the Italian supercar will command a $441,600 MSRP.

Despite pricing its latest creation, an exact on-sale date still hasn't been revealed, other than next summer, with the season being ideal for roadsters and convertibles alike. That key piece of information is likely to be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March, when the car will make its public debut.

The price tag is greater than the equivalent in Europe, as there the car will cost 300,000 Euros, or about $383,460 when doing the straight conversion.

The car has performance that's on par with that of the coupe counterpart, including a three-second 0-62mph (just a tenth slower) and the same 217mph top speed. Its two-piece removable top is made of carbon fiber and the panels weigh about 13lbs each. They can be stored in the cargo hold up front as well and the top speed is said to be reachable whether the panels are in place or not.

The roadster is unusual in that it weighs less than the coupe upon which it's based. It's not much, at about 25lbs, but it is a break from the rule.