A dozen Lamborghini owners are not very happy today.

Lamborghini has announced the worldwide recall of about 5,900 Aventador models, including ultra-exclusive offshoots like the Veneo coupe and roadster, due to a fire risk related to the supercar's fuel system.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fuel vapors from a fully topped-off tank could collect around the Aventador's exhaust system, increasing the likelihood of a fire. Lamborghini says there have been no injuries linked to the defect, but could not say if any fires have been reported.

Because Lamborghini used the Aventador as the base for a few limited edition models, there are some interesting nameplates on the recall, most notably the Veneo. Lamborghini built just three examples of the Veneo coupe (with a starting price of $4 million) and only nine units of the $4.4 million Veneo roadster. Thanks to that exclusivity, Veneo models are now valued at well over $11 million, making it one of the most valuable cars ever recalled.

Other limited edition models covered by the recall include the Aventador Anniversario (100 units) and the Miura Homage (50 units).

Of those 5,900 units recalled, 1,453 are located in the United States. Lamborghini dealers will remedy the fire risk by installing a new evaporative system.