Italians still await final greenlight from Volkswagen Group.

Lamborghini is reportedly eyeing a Huracan-level price tag for its upcoming Urus SUV, though the company denies that the model has received an official greenlight for production."We still wait final approval from [Volkswagen Group], and we are continuing to work for that approval," R&D head Maurizio Reggiani said at the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asia racing series, as quoted by Motoring.

Despite the cautionary disclaimer, the executive was a bit more forthright regarding launch timing. He suggests the company is on track to begin production before the end of 2017, with deliveries beginning in 2018.

Pricing will be "more or less" equivalent to the Huracan, which would put the SUV around $237,000 in the US market.

Recent reports suggest a turbocharged V8 will power the Urus, rather than a V10 borrowed from one of the company's supercars, however design chief Filippo Perini earlier this year noted that design changes are being made on a regular basis.

Photo by Mark Elias.