Land Rover argues it has more pedigree and authenticity than Bentley in the SUV segment.

For decades, the Range Rover was the most luxurious SUV made in England. It was recently dethroned by the Bentley Bentayga, but Land Rover wants the crown back.

Design boss Gerry McGovern revealed to Automotive News Europe that he's open to the idea of creating a new model that will slot a notch above the Range Rover to become the company's new flagship.

"Why not? We've realized that the Range Rover has got this big expanse across its price range, so it's not a very big step to get into Bentayga territory," he told the publication on the sidelines of an industry congress.

He stopped short of confirming a range-topping Range is in the works. However, he pointed out the model wouldn't necessarily need to be bigger than the long-wheelbase Range Rover. The company can sell two cars that are exactly the same size yet have completely different personalities, according to McGovern.

In a way, the gauntlet has already been thrown. Land Rover believes its hypothetical new flagship would be easily capable of beating the Bentayga.

"Bentley doesn't have the pedigree and authenticity in that particular sector. We've got unquestionable pedigree," McGovern pointed out.

Currently, the most expensive Range Rover you can buy before options are factored in starts at $140,000. In comparison, the Bentayga is priced at $229,100. Clearly, there's space for a new model to fill the gap between England's two most luxurious off-roaders.