The model will be "in between Paris Dakar and Camel Trophy," according to SVO boss.

Land Rover will soon introduce a more extreme, off-road-focused variant of the brand-new 2017 Discovery.

Jaguar - Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division is in charge of developing the yet-unnamed model. While the sub-brand has typically focused on making high-performance variants of cars like the Range Rover Sport and the F-Type, it's eager to show what it can do in the off-road department.

"I can't tell you what the SV version of the Discovery will be like, but in my mind it will be in between Paris Dakar and Camel Trophy. Somewhere in there is a product waiting to get out," SVO boss John Edwards revealed in a recent interview with British magazine Auto Express.

SVO's variant of the Discovery will be the most capable model customers can buy from the factory. Auto Express believes it will get additional protective cladding on the body, spot lights, and off-road-specific tires. It will also feature a model-specific suspension and a re-worked chassis, though full details are still being kept under wraps.

Edwards promised Jaguar - Land Rover will introduce at least one SVO-tuned model per year in the next three or four years. A hot, 570-horsepower version of the F-Pace is expected to arrive next, so we might not see the Discovery until late this year or early next year. When it lands, the off-road model will be positioned at the very top of the lineup.

Exterior photos by Byron Hurd. Interior photos by Land Rover.