If you really want an Aveo, you can still have one.

The last-generation Chevrolet Aveo wasn't a very good car, if we're being brutally honest, but Ukraine-based ZAZ has decided to give the un-loved compact a second chance at life.

Last month ZAZ officially began sales of its Aveo-based Vida sedan in Ukraine. The Vida is essentially identical to the Aveo that was once sold on these shores, save for a new grille and badge.

Vida means "life" in Spanish, but we'd hardly use that word to describe the Vida's engine lineup. The Vida comes equipped from ZAZ's Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant with a 1.3L developing a meager 70 horsepower, although there are a few other choices if you're after more power. Buyers can opt for an 86 horsepower 1.5L, a 101 horsepower 1.4L and a 109 horsepower 1.5L.

ZAZ sold just 35 units of the Vida in March, but those figures should perk up once the automaker adds the Vida five-door hatchback (Aveo5) to its lineup during the second half of the year. ZAZ predicts it will build 16,000 units of the Vida this year, with half of those destined for markets outside of Ukraine.

The ZAZ Vida sells for about $11,300, which is a bargain compared to the $15,435 Aveo5 we tested back in 2009. The Aveo was replaced in Chevy's U.S. lineup with the new Sonic.