The Model S can now do more by itself, while you doodle.

Tesla owners received the latest software upgrade this week, which adds a number of improvement to Autopilot 2.0 as well as a unique easter egg.

The biggest change coming with Autopilot 2.0, now in version 8.1 with the latest update, is that Autosteer has been bumped up to 80 mph. Before the car can keep its lane at West Texas speed limit velocities, though, the system will have to auto-calibrate a few days of highway driving at the previous limit of 55 mph.

In addition, whoever's sitting behind the wheel will also be able to initiate a lane change in Autosteer with a simple flick of the turn signal stalk. Also included in the upgrade is, the ability to Summon the car from a parking space has been added in beta mode.

However, it wasn't until a few days after the 8.1 upgrade that some users discovered an easter egg that turns the large, central screen in Tesla Model S vehicles into a virtual sketch pad. By tapping the Tesla logo three times, the sketch pad icon appears on the display, roadtripping artists can now paint to your heart's content, in full color no less.

What's more, it gives the option to submit the drawing to Tesla, where CEO Elon Musk might see it. Since the update, Musk has tweeted a couple of images, including a Mona Lisa and a car running on unicorn farts, an inside joke about electric cars and, as Autoblog noted, the image on Musk's coffee mug.