A dealer brochure has let loose a myriad of details concerning the range-topping ZL1 Camaro.

While a great deal of details were previously made available concerning the upcoming, new range-topping Chevy Camaro ZL1, it wasn't until today that the true nitty-gritty details were available.

Thanks to a Chevrolet dealer willing to spill the beans to Camaro5 on the ordering brochure they recently recently, we know know the official numbers ranging from horsepower, to length, to weight - and much, much more.

For starters, as expected the ZL1 will arrive boasting 580 horsepower, which we now know comes at 6,000 rpms, along with 556 lb-ft of torque at 4,200 rpms. All of that power will leave the engine and enter cast stainless steel exhaust manifolds, along with stainless steel tubing with active valves, before finally exiting the ZL1 via a quartet of 3.5-inch polished tips.

Harnessing that power is either a six-speed manual (standard), or a six-speed automatic with TAPshift steering wheel controls - no real news here.

The wheelbase of course comes in at 112.3 inches, with a total length of 190.4, a height of 54.2, and front and rear track widths of 63.7 inches. Within those confines one will find a grand total of 4,120 lbs (for the no-options manual version), distributed 51 percent to the front and 49 percent in the rear.

Available colors include: Black, Ashen Gray, Imperial Blue Metallic, Inferno Orange Metallic, Rally Yellow, Silver Ice Metallic, Summit White, Victory Red or Crystal Red Tintcoat.

Buyers can choose from a pair of wheels, either standard 10-spoke black wheels with a low-gloss clearcoat with forged aluminum, or forged aluminum wheels with five spokes and a polished face protected by a standard high-gloss clearcoat. Being the range-topping performance model, Chevy made sure to pick the wheels accordingly, coming in 11 lbs lighter than the wheels on the 2SS model.

Standard features include heated leather seats with microfiber suede inserts with six-sway power adjustability, leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, unique alloy pedal covers, ZL1 door sill plates, Boston Acoustics-provided premium audio, complete with nine speakers, four auxiliary gauges including boost, rear park assist, rear camera display in the mirror and more.

Options include a power sunroof, stripe package, exposed carbon fiber hood insert, interior suede microfiber package (covers steering wheel, shift knob and shift boot) and the previously mentioned automatic transmission and forged aluminum wheels.

Juicy details include the confirmation of the unique "mohawk-style" hood, which features a functional air extractor and is made of carbon fiber. The black painted carbon fiber mohawk requires unique care when cleaning due to the matte finish, while the exposed carbon fiber weave version can be waxed like the rest of the surface of the car as it is clear-coated.

there is also mention of a head-up display, described as a transparent display that communicates shift lights, lateral g-forces and for ZL1s equipped with the automatic, the gear indication. The display is intended to give drivers the ability to obtain certain information without taking their eyes off of the road.

Oh, and one interesting disclaimer: "ZL1 performance parts have a break-in period. For the first 1,500 miles, do not drive about 80 miles per hour." Chevrolet promises better longevity for the car is the break-in period is minded.

Ordering will begin on October 29th, with tentative pricing to come in mid-November.


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