Santa has a new ride this year.

Lexus has updated its LF-LC concept car for a rather unique client - Santa Clause.

The one-off project was set into motion when Santa's reindeer decided to spend this Christmas on Hawaii's sandy beaches rather than pulling around the Big Guy's sleigh. With no other options, Santa called Lexus for a last minute favor.

"I know Lexus delivers the best customer experience in the industry, so I called to see if they could help me out," said Santa. "I needed a self-propelled sleigh with every bell and whistle to complete my task of delivering toys to all the good boys and girls around the world."

Lexus put its own elves to work and came up with the 'Lexus Flying Luxury Cruiser,' or LFLC for short.

Like the concept version of the LF-LC, the LFLC is powered Lexus' Hybrid Drive system, but boasts 800 reindeerpower rather than the show car's piddly 500 horsepower.

Other features of the LFLC include a Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert to help with all those rooftop chimneys, a Advanced Pre-Collision System to ensure grandma doesn't get run over by Santa's 800 reindeerpower, a Lexus Navigation System to help Santa find his way, and, of course, a large, red LED and infrared 'nose' to help guide the way.

Lexus is also throwing in a lifetime warranty and Lexus' 24-Hour Roofside Assistance.

If you've been good this year, expect to see Santa's new LFLC on your roof on December 24.