The LF-LC coupe will serve as Lexus' flagship when it arrives in 2016.

Lexus' new RC coupe range will soon be joined by another shapely two-door - the luxury brand has officially confirmed that the LF-LC concept will enter into production in 2016.

Intended to slot above the RC as a niche-selling flagship, the production LF-LC will retain at least 90 percent of the concept's sleek styling, Lexus Europe vice president Alain Uyttenhoven revealed to Autocar.

"The production LF-LC will not be a huge volume [car] for Lexus, but it will bring huge emotion," said Uyttenhoven.

Technical details for the range-topping 2+2 coupe aren't available, but rumors have suggested it will ride on a shortened version of the LS sedan's rear-wheel-drive architecture. Speculative reports have suggested that anything from the RC F's naturally-aspirated V8 to hybridized V6 or V8 engines could make their way under the hood.

It's unknown whether the LF-LC name will make to production, or whether a shortened LC moniker will be applied.

The LF-LC will be part of a Lexus growth plan that calls for a new model every year until 2020. After this year's debut of the NX compact crossover, the RC will follow in 2015, with the LF-LC set to launch in 2016.