Lexus has "other priorities," including introducing more crossovers.

We're not done delivering bad news to fans of high-performance Japanese cars. Lexus' top executive has bluntly confirmed a new LFA is "just a dream at this point."

"I really want to do an LFA successor, and it is important to have dreams, but for now it is a very complicated situation. It is a very difficult question to answer as I would like to do it, but we have other priorities for now," Lexus president Yoshihiro Sawa told British magazine Autocar on the sidelines of the Tokyo Auto Show.

As the publication points out, the priorities Sawa referred to are volume-oriented models. Lexus is currently in the final stages of developing an entry-level crossover to replace the CT hatchback, and it's working on a three-row variant of the RX to satisfy its American dealers. Both soft-roaders are tentatively scheduled to debut next year.

That means the LC coupe will remain the flagship of the brand's portfolio in the foreseeable future. It's a better brand ambassador than the LFA, too, because cars like the LC "do more to change perceptions of the brand by being more affordable for aspirational buyers," according to insiders who talked to Autocar.

On sale now, the 2018 LC starts at $92,000. In comparison, Lexus priced the limited-edition LFA (pictured) at $375,000 in 2010.