The LS+ previews the LS of 2020.

Lexus has traveled to the Tokyo Auto Show to introduce a concept named LS+. The futuristic sedan is a preview of what we can expect from the Japanese brand's flagship model in the coming years.

Lexus explains the LS+ is "a concept vehicle that suggests the future look of the LS." The brand launched a brand-new version of its flagship sedan less than a year ago, and the LS' production run has historically been long, so the LS+ Concept comes straight out of left field.

It takes the form of a big, elegant sedan that stands out with a more futuristic interpretation of the LS' design. Bigger than ever, the signature spindle grille fades into air vents positioned right below the laser-lit headlights. Its sleek silhouette flows into a trunk-mounted spoiler, while the rear end gets laser lights.

There's no shortage of high-tech features inside. The LS+ announces Lexus' Highway Teammate technology, which is a fancy term for a level 3 autonomous system. The concept drives itself from on-ramp to off-ramp on the freeway. It merges and changes lanes on its own, and it uses AI to record data about the roads it's on and the surrounding areas.

Mechanical specifications haven't been released yet, though the blue accents on the body hint at something electrified. We haven't seen interior photos, either.

Lexus predicts the LS+'s style and tech will reach showrooms in the early 2020s. Either the current LS will have an unusually short production run, or the brand is already working on a mid-cycle refresh.