The flagship off-roader now offers a two-row version.

Lexus has unveiled a new LX 570 with two rows of seating. The option offers more cargo room in lieu of the third row.

Even as the RX expands into a three-row crossover, Lexus's traditional body-on-frame SUV reduces its row count to two. Without the exclusion of the third row seat, LX 570 now has 50.5 cubic feet of cargo space behind its clamshell tailgate, improved 15 percent over the 44.7 cubic feet of the three-row model. If you need even more cargo carrying capacity than that, the two-row LX 570 also comes standard with a roof rack.

Lexus vice president Jeff Bracken said that the two-row LX 570 was a response to requests from customers who are empty nesters or those who wish to haul outdoor equipment or pets. The elimination of also allows Lexus to greatly reduce the price of its flagship SUV by $12,500 to $84,980. That puts it nearly on par with the Toyota Land Cruiser's starting price of $83,665. Reflected in the LX 570 two-row's sticker is a "mono-spec" trim which comes standard leather interior, four-zone automatic climate control, power tailgate, moonroof and 20-inch wheels.