Lexus is recalling one of its lesser-known hybrid models.

Lexus has announced a recall involving its 2010 HS 250h hybrid sedan. According to Lexus, the recall covers about 18,000 vehicles in the United States.

Lexus issued the recall after determining that a manufacturing defect could cause premature wear of the hybrid's transaxle assembly. If those components wear, it could cause a short circuit.

Lexus says that a short in the system will most often trigger a dash warning light and cause the vehicle to enter a fail-safe mode, which limits vehicle power. In some instances, however, the short can cause the hybrid system to completely shutdown without warning, resulting in a loss of propulsion. Lexus notes that the HS 250h's steering and braking systems will still function even if its hybrid system loses power.

Lexus will remedy the problem by installing a new transaxle assembly in all HS 250h models covered by the recall. The recall campaign is scheduled to begin in late November.