After 7 years, Lexus has recorded its 500,000th hybrid sale.

Toyota's Lexus luxury brand has reached a major milestone, delivering its 500,000th hybrid model. Although not quite impressive as Toyota's 3,000,000+ global hybrid sales, the 500,000 unit mark stands as an important achievement for the luxury brand.

Lexus' hybrid roots were first put into the ground in 2005 with the market launch of the RX 400h crossover. Lexus only found 26,000 buyers for its hybrid RX during the CUV's first year on the market, but the current RX hybrid is on pace to sell well over 130,000 units this year.

Lexus' original hybrid is far and away the brand's most popular gas-electric model, with 259,000 recorded RX sales as of November 2012. The newcomer CT 200h is quickly catching up to the RX, though, with 122,000 total sales through November.

The HS 250h is securely the third best-selling Lexus hybrid of all time with 56,000 sales, but that won't last for long - Lexus has discontinued production of the HS.

The GS and LS hybrids have each accounted for about 30,000 sales, with Lexus' newest hybrid, the ES, bringing up the rear with 8,000 global sales.

Lexus says hybrids now account for one out of every four global sales, so the company's second 500,000 should take less than 7 years.