Lexus to launch "F" series to rival AMG, M

by Nick Aziz
Lexus to launch

Lexus will launch a new high-performance lineup beginning in 2007, according to dealer sources cited by Automotive News. The series will compete with BMW's "M" line and Mercedes' AMG. The automaker has filed for a trademark on the name "IS-F," which is believed to be the name for the company's 425 horsepower IS sedan, previously referred to as the IS 500.

The IS-F will be unveiled in January at the Detroit auto show and go on sale in December 2007. Other "F" models will surely be added in the following months, including a GS-F and an IS-F coupe.

The company also filed for a trademark on a new "F" logo (pictured). The logo features a stylized letter similar to that of the Lexus logo.