Lexus is looking to bolster its worldwide sales with a new ad campaign.

Lexus will soon launch the brand's first ever global marketing campaign in an effort to better take on its German rivals.

Starting this May, Lexus will launch a new global marketing campaign designed to lure in shoppers that haven't considered the brand before. The ad campaign may carry varying tag lines in different markets, but will rely on similar creative and visual cues.

"It won't be the same phrase everywhere, but there will be a consistent message," Brian Smith, vice president of U.S. marketing for Lexus, told Automotive News.

Although Lexus remains a top luxury automaker in the United States, the brand has struggled to find buyers in other global markets. Last year Lexus sold 476,566 units worldwide, compared to BMW's 1.54 million global sales in 2012.

Lexus is keeping the details of the new campaign a secret, but Smith says the new ads might not feature any kind of voiceover.

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"The point of the brand campaign will be what we see on the screen, not so much words or language," Smith said. "It will be visual and impactful."

No word on which Lexus model might be the first to star in the new campaign, but the automaker's 2014 IS seems like a likely candidate.