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Lexus files trademark for LQ name

by Ronan Glon

Will the LF-1 Limitless morph into the LQ?

Lexus has filed a trademark for the LQ nameplate, according to a recent report.

Toyota's luxury brand registered the letters LQ on May 7th. AutoGuide writes the application explains the nameplate applies to "automobiles and structural parts thereof" and speculates it will soon denote a flagship crossover positioned as an alternative to the body-on-frame, Land Cruiser-derived LX.

That doesn't sound too far-fetched. Lexus showed us what a flagship crossover might look like when it introduced the LF-1 Limitless concept (pictured) earlier this year at the Detroit auto show. Lexus -- like many of its peers -- doesn't show concepts just for kicks; if it shows a design study on the show floor, there's a good chance it's already in development and it's a few years from arriving on the showroom floor.

Of course, a patent application doesn't guarantee a new model is in the pipelines. Lexus could protect the LQ nameplate in case it decides to use it later, whether that's in a year or 10, or it might simply register it to prevent another company from using it.

The Japanese company hasn't commented on the trademark application. If it's indeed for a new crossover, we expect to hear more about it before the end of 2019.