LG Chem will open a new EV battery plant in Poland.

LG Chem announced on Thursday plans to open Europe's largest electric vehicle battery plant. The new battery plant will be located in Wroc?aw, Poland.

"We will turn the Poland EV battery plant into a mecca of battery production for electric vehicles around the world," said UB Lee, the President of Energy Solution Company, LG Chem. He added, "As LG Chem's Poland EV battery plant is the first large-scale automotive lithium battery production plant in Europe, it will play the role of vitalizing the electric vehicle industry across the whole Europe. We will put all our efforts into making the plant into a main production hub for EV batteries."

LG Chem will commence construction of the factory soon and hopes to have it up and running by next year. LG Chem says the factory will be able to produce about 100,000 EV batteries per year. LG Chem says its lithium-ion batteries will be used in "high-performance EVs" and will provide a range of about 200 miles.

LG Chem didn't announce any OEM customers for its new battery plant, but Volkswagen's operations aren't far away in Germany. VW has committed to greatly ramping up its fleet of EVs over the next several years. LG Chem already supplies batteries for Daimler's Smart division.

With the new plant in Poland, LG Chem will operate EV battery factories in Europe, China and the United States.