Lincoln's lineup is currently little more than re-badged Ford products, but could a mid-engine sports car be in the luxury brand's future?

Just as certain as sales are dropping, Ford needs to better differentiate its premium Lincoln offerings from its lesser Ford-badged vehicles. Ford says changes are on the way with seven new models over the next three years, but one of those vehicles might be something completely unexpected.

According to a report from Road & Track, Ford is at least discussing the possibility of a two-seat, mid-engine sports car for its Lincoln brand. The two-seater would be positioned as the brand's flagship, but wouldn't necessarily be an all-out performer.

Ford is planning to use technology to make its Lincoln offerings stand apart from Ford vehicles, and the rumored mid-engine two-door could take the lead in that initiative. Instead of a hulking V8, the proposed Lincoln flagship could use a supercharged V6 or even some kind of electrified drivetrain.

Lincoln is desperately trying to climb the luxury ranks, and a mid-engine sports car could help it climb the ranks - much like the R8 helped Volkswagen's Audi brand. However, cross-town rival Cadillac experimented with a high-dollar sports car - the XLR - with unimpressive results. It remains to be seen if Ford will ultimately give the project the green light, but there is no denying the car would give some much needed life to the Lincoln brand.

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