Porsche also confirmed the Panamera wagon will debut in Paris.

Porsche has confirmed that the brand new second-generation Panamera will once again spawn a long-wheelbase model.

The longer Panamera will receive a couple of extra inches of sheet metal between the axles in order to free up more space for the passengers riding in the back seat. It is being primarily developed for China, a market which has a seemingly insatiable appetite for stretched sedans, but it will also be offered in a handful of global markets. It's safe to bet that the United States is one of them because the long-wheelbase variant of the last-gen model was sold here.

The Stuttgart-based carmaker also announced plans to unveil the wagon version of the Panamera this fall during the Paris Auto Show. Presented as Porsche's first entry into the station wagon segment, the long-roof will share more than a passing resemblance to the Sport Turismo concept that debuted during the 2012 Paris Auto Show, and it will adopt the same name.

Surprisingly, the Sport Turismo will be sold on our side of the pond even though buyers have traditionally shunned station wagons. It will arrive about a year after the sedan (pictured) goes on sale, meaning it might not land in showrooms until the 2018 model year. An on-sale date for the long-wheelbase version hasn't been set yet.