The future of Lotus' Esprit remains uncertain at best.

Lotus' all-new Esprit sports car is said to be nearly finished, but ongoing management issues at the British automaker could prevent the car from ever making production.

Lotus shocked the world at the 2010 Paris Motor Show by unveiling seven all-new models, including a concept version of the Esprit. With an eye toward taking on industry heavyweights like Porsche and Ferrari, Lotus immediately began development of the Esprit, including the car's an all-new 5.0L V8.

After two years of work the flagship Esprit is nearly complete, but ongoing problems in the Lotus boardroom may prevent the car from ever coming to fruition. A Lotus insider told Autocar that although the Esprit is essentially complete, it still hasn't received an official green light.

The production issue stems from management issues at both Lotus and parent company DRB-Hicom. Lotus recently fired CEO Dany Bahar, who was a driving force behind the Esprit project. Lotus parent DRB-Hicom has also been reluctant to throw its weight behind the British sports car company and is reportedly keen to sell the brand outright.

What all that means for the future of the Esprit remains unclear at this point. However, it is looking increasingly likely that the Esprit will be DOA, despite the advanced stage of its development.