The Pet Lid is part of Lotus' effort to become a more animal-friendly company.

Storied British sports car manufacturer Lotus has introduced a helmet for cats.

Called Pet Lid, the helmet was developed with input from real-life cats in order to inspire a new breed of customers. It weighs just 25 grams so it's exceptionally light, and it's small enough to fit in a car like the Elise, where storage space is limited at best.

Buyers can choose from a wide palette of colors and liveries; alternatively, they can work hand-in-hand with Lotus Exclusive to design a completely unique helmet emblazoned with their pet's name and blood type. Regardless of appearance, the helmet features a tinted visor to protect your furry friend's eyes.

The Pet Lid is part of Lotus' on-going effort to transition into a more animal-friendly company. Industry rumors indicate Lotus will ultimately offer a full lineup of accessories for cats. Details are still scarce, but insiders told Leftlane the company is secretly developing a cat harness for the passenger seat, and a Purina dispenser that fits in the Evora's glove box.

Pricing information hasn't been released yet. However, cat owners who want a Pet Lid need to place an order as soon as possible, because the helmet is only available today.