New car sales are almost uniformly down across the board, but Lotus is reportedly working on a plan to boost sales. To lure buyers into showrooms, Lotus is turning to a very simple sales tactic - offer more car for less money.

According to Lotus Enthusiast, Lotus will soon offer a version of the Elise in the U.S. that features more content at a lower price. Believed to be called the Elise Purist Edition, the new model will be based on the Elise Sport package, and will also throw in some goodies from the Touring package. The Elsie Purist will not include the leather-covered transmission tunnel, leather door panels or iPod integrations from the Touring package, but will include leather seating, CD player, air conditioning, a Momo steering wheel and a start button.

A Lotus buyer would typically expect to pay about $49,000 for such a well-equipped Elise, but the Purist Edition is tipped to start at just $43,995. Of note, the base model Elise currently lists for $47,250 in the U.S. -- $3,255 more than the Purist Edition car.

The Purist Edition will come with the Elise's 1.8L four-cylinder, good for 189 horsepower. Thanks to the Elise's sub-2,000 pound curb weight, the tiny two-seat can scoot from 0-60 in just 4.9 seconds while still posting 27 mpg on the highway. The Purist model will be available in white, yellow and red.

No images of the Purist models have been released as of yet, but we expect more news to follow in the coming days.