Don't look for Suzuki's departure to be long and drawn out.

If you're clamoring for a bargain on a Suzuki product now that the automaker has announced that it will shutter its bankrupt car-selling operations in the United States, you'd better act quick.

According to Ward's, Suzuki has less than three months' worth of inventory sitting on dealer lots in the U.S.

Last month, around 2,100 Suzukis found buyers in this market, but a mere 5,549 were parked on the automaker's dealership lots at the end of last month. While that number has undoubtedly changed since October 31, the small inventory means that Suzuki probably won't be stuck with unsold cars for too long.

The automaker has cited its small lineup and weak inventory levels as part of the reason it chose to close its new car operations in the U.S. Although it had high hopes for the Kizashi sedan that launched in 2009, sales over the last two years have not topped 30,000 units annually. Suzuki's record high was in 2007, when 101,884 buyers took delivery of its SUV-heavy lineup.

Suzuki announced yesterday that it plans to reorganize its U.S. operations under Chapter 11 bankruptcy law. The Suzuki that is expected to emerge from bankruptcy will focus on selling motorcycles, ATVs and marine equipment. In addition, Suzuki intends to honor vehicle warranties and continue servicing its cars and trucks.