The latest electric car startup seeks to amp up the thrills.

Electric car startup Lucid has released a short video of its upcoming Air undergoing winter testing in the hinterlands of northern Minnesota.

In the clip, we see the car drifting through a snowy course, evidence that the company has a fairly sophisticated prototype under development (sometimes not always a guarantee with EV startups).

Engineering Manager of steering systems and chassis digital dynamics David Lickfold wrote on the company blog that the test was conducted at temperatures as cold as -18 degress Fahrenheit.

"Much of our time in Minnesota was focused on braking systems and vehicle dynamics," Lickfold explained. "Low friction surfaces, such as deep and packed snow, polished ice, and split left-versus-right friction, challenge both the car and the driver, allowing us to develop anti-lock braking, traction control, and stability-control systems to ensure comfortable, stable progress through the worst conditions seen on the road."

Lickfold assures readers that the 1,000-horsepower Air will not only use these powers of handling for autonomous driving modes, but also for enthusiasts who "prefer to take control and be exhilarated by the combination of power, balance, and driver involvement as they sweep around a mountain pass or a closed track."

In particular, Lickfold highlights the torque distribution, in which a combination of front and rear electric motors and torque vectoring via braking can "direct torque to specific wheels to increase traction and improve cornering ability."

The post closes with a pledge that a car "should evoke emotions and make you feel alive" and the promise of more to share.