Lucid is going after the Tesla Model S.

Lucid Motors — a California-based electric vehicle maker — has announced pricing for its Tesla Model S-rivaling Air sedan.

So far Lucid has only shown an extremely well optioned version of the Air, but the company took to its corporate blog on Wednesday to announce pricing for its base model sedan. Lucid says the Air will list from $60,000, or $52,500 when a $7,500 federal tax credit is included. In comparison, the base model Tesla Model S 60 lists from $71,300 before incentives.

For the cost of entry, Lucid Air buyers will get a 400 horsepower, rear-wheel drive electric sedan capable of covering 240 miles on a single charge. Other features include all of the necessary hardware for autonomous driving, 12-way power front seats, LED headlights, four video screens (three of which are touch screens), 10 airbags, 19-inch wheels, a 10-speaker audio system and over-the-air software updates.

Options will be plentiful for the Air. Upgrades will include larger batteries providing up to 400 miles of range, a dual-motor all-wheel drive setup with 1,000 horsepower, active suspension, rear executive seats with power recline, 21-inch wheels, an expanded leather package and a 29-speaker audio system. Lucid says fully loaded air models will carry a sticker price north of $100,000.

Among those $100,000 model will be a unique Launch Edition. In addition to receiving all the bells and whistles, the Launch Edition will get unique colors and badging.

Lucid has not announced an exact on-sale date for the Air, but the Chinese-backed company hopes to begin production next year.