Lyft to launch driverless car service in Boston

by Drew Johnson
Lyft to launch driverless car service in Boston

Lyft is partnering with NuTonomy to offer driverless cabs.

Residents of Boston will soon be able to hail a driverless cab thanks to a new partnership between Lyft and NuTonomy.

Lyft announced on Tuesday that it is partnering with NuTonomy to launch a new driverless car project in Boston. The aim of the partnership is to observe and study how customers interact with robotic taxis.

"The first stage of the partnership is focused on research and development on passenger experience," Lyft CEO Logan Green told Automotive News. "The next stages could lead to thousands of NuTonomy cars on the Lyft platform.”

Lyft will use NuTonomy's driverless car for the experiment. NuTonomy doesn't build self-driving taxis, but rather modifies the Renault Zoe EV for autonomous tasks. The company is already testing self-driving cabs in Singapore.

Lyft, meanwhile, is also working with General Motors to make driverless cars a reality. The two companies hope to launch a fleet of autonomous taxis sometime next year.

An exact date for the Boston project has yet to be announced, but Left says it'll be coming soon.