The company aims to enable up to Level 4 autonomous operation in both urban and highway environments.

Magna International has announced the Max4 autonomous driving platform.The supplier claims Max4 can be integrated into any vehicle "without compromise to vehicle design and styling," suggesting the necessary sensor suite is more discrete than the electronic arrays seen on many prototype vehicles.

"At the heart of this development is a desire to show the market Magna's breadth of capabilities and an autonomous driving enabling platform with subsystems that do not compromise the interior and exterior of a vehicle," says Magna CTO Swamy Kotagiri.

Designed to support up to Level 4 autonomous operation in both urban and highway environments, Magna's system can be enabled via a single button. Like current cruise-control systems, it can be disengaged by tapping the brake pedal or pressing a cancel button.

Level 4 systems must be capable of operating the vehicle with no input from the driver and no requirement for the driver to remain attentive at all times, though the system might only allow autonomous mode to be engaged in a familiar area.

Magna has not announced any specific automaker partners that have adopted Max4 for upcoming production vehicles.